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Posted by jclayton on November 7, 2013

imageimageimageimageimageJosh ZorbingWow what a day! We have been doing all sorts today! The weather has been absolutely glorious this morning.

Breakfast was taken (toast, beans, scrambled egg, cereal) and we set off for low ropes, Lazer maze, body zorbing, survivor and the Vortex.

The highlight of the day was body zorbing. This is where you part a huge clear plastic bubble over your head and run into each other, knocking each other over! It didn’t hurt because you were encased in air. The children would like to have some at school but at £200 each I said it might not be possible. Hahaha!

We have just eaten our evening meal – lamb tagine with lemon rice or salmon fish cakes and new potatoes ( with a choice cam sauce). All children are now having a shower and getting themselves ready for the silent disco. Each child is given a pair of headphones which have music playing. It is quite surreal. Anyway, I’m going to have to go and bust some moves on the dance floor! I hope you like the photos and we will see you all tomorrow with a case full of dirty, muddy clothes.



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Posted by jclayton on November 6, 2013




Good evening everyone!

What a wet afternoon it has been! Everyone has really had fun despite the atrocious weather. Today saw activities such as fencing, buggy building, abseiling, wet and wacky and fencing….oh and archery! We certainly pack a lot into a day!

With all these activities the children have been fed really well. Breakfast was sugary waffles with sides of scrambled egg, beans, toast and cereal. Lunch was baguettes with sausages or fish goujons. Evening meal presented curry or pizza with an apple cake and custard. Needless to say the children still found spaces for sweets! Don’t worry parents, they are brushing their teeth and showering regularly!

After today’s activities I am sure that we will see an early bed time and a long lie in! (I hope so!!!)

Body zorbing tomorrow with Lazer Maze and Grid of Stones for some!

Hopefully I will be able to add photos below and blog again tomorrow! Archery

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JCA Holiday 2013 Day 3

Posted by flakefleet on November 6, 2013

Message from Mrs Clayton and children in Shropshire! (Internet signal is not very good)

Children are doing great, weather not too bad, they have been climbing, swimming, fencing, lazer-maze, grid of stones, and archery. All children enjoying breakfasts, filling lunches and now a curry fest tonight. Tomorrow they are off body-zorbing. Accomodation is lovely and warm and children are cleaning their teeth and having plenty of washes! All the year 5′s want to come back next year. Pictures of raft-building this morning.



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Year 4 Poetry

Posted by caingham on October 17, 2012

Year 4 have been writing their own poetry. Please read and comment on some of your favourite features.


I am a Storm

By Hannah and Loren

I am a storm,

 Painting the roof tops of the dazzling houses.

 Swinging past the sparkling stars.

 Clapping in the mucky puddles.

 Colouring the chocolate trees.

 In the deep filthy puddles.

 I am a storm.

I am a volcano,

Racing through town.

Breaking houses,

Eating people.

Painting houses orange,

then breaking them.

Exploding as its racing along,

the street filled with cars.

As the lava cries down the mountains,

People are running away.

am a volcano,


By Rebecca Ann Morris ,


I am storm,

Kissing the firm brick house.

Screaming at the annoying evergreens,

Dancing in the starlit sky.

Stomping on the snuggling green grass,

Falling out of the twinkling sky.

Tickling on the violet fence,

Jiving in the fresh air.

Touching the fuzzy clouds,

Raining waltz in the windy air.

Eyes went angry like a bull,

I am storm.

By Mia and Kiera


I am the moon

Dancing with the stars,in the dazzling sky.

I steal the suns place,when its pitch black. I snooze at day,and shine at night.

I am the moon 


By Gabby 


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Posted by mr barnes on September 28, 2012

Friday morning arrived and there was a definite hint of sadness in the air. Today was our last day at Condover Hall.
Breakfast was planned for 7:55am and many children had to be woken from their slumber. A good sign! Croissants, beans and scrambled eggs, toast and cereal were on the menu. All children ate their fill and returned to their rooms.
Beds were stripped, cases were packed and dragged to the entrance. Well done to all the children for leaving their rooms in a tidy and clean state. I lost count of the sweet wrappers in the bins!
We also had to say goodbye to our instructors which made us all realise how much they had actually done for us. They taught us how to abseil, climb, buggy build, Bivi build, attempt the Jacob’s ladder, gave us survival tips and how to ‘do’ orienteering. They spent all the session with us and we all say a massive, THANK YOU!!!!
John, Will and Sean, we THANK YOU!!!!
As we were going to the session, Nigel, who took us for water sports came to spend the morning with us all as he said that he enjoyed our children’s company so much. We all very proud that he had said this about us. Thank you Nigel and thank you for our water-sports session with Chris, Antonio and Rebecca.
After a session of Mini Olympics this morning we went into the dining hall to have our certificates presented. We gave each other a cheer and a huge round of applause.

Lunch was sweet and sour chicken with fried rice or pizza and wedges. A good solid lunch before we set off on our way home. As the bus driver needed a rest before our journey back, we had time to rest and play some games on the lawn of the hall.

Mrs Clayton, Mrs Rolling Pin and Mrs Wake and Shake are all very proud of you. You have all been a credit to our school, yourselves and your families. Many instructors commented about your fantastic behaviour and the way you conducted yourselves around the site. You all listened to the instructions your were given and they would have let you all stay another week!

Thank you Sean, Will and John from all the children and staff! You looked after us so well and we thank you for working so hard. We really do appreciate it!
Make sure you are there when we come back in November 2013!

P.S. I’m writing this on the coach on the way home with a tear in my eye and a massive sense of pride.
Go Flakefleet!




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Posted by mr barnes on September 27, 2012

Well Thursday began with an early start. Mrs Clayton woke everyone up at 7:15am and some children were still asleep! Breakfast was served at 7:55am and a full breakfast met our hungry eyes. Bacon, sausage, beans, tomatoes, cereal and toast was eaten and enjoyed.
Back to the accommodation for a quick pack of bags and all children had a check to see if they had brushed their teeth. All was spick and span.
Activities started at 9:30. Groups were orienteering, abseiling, completing initiative exercises and building bivis. Every day we have two activities before lunch and two after lunch. Needless to say the children are getting ready for a really long sleep.
Everyone loved the abseiling and Lily said, “I was scared going up but it was really fun coming down. I loved it!”
Pip said that he has enjoyed the abseiling and orienteering.
“The abseiling was great because when you got up to the top my legs and hands were shaking. When I started to go down the wall, it was a-maxing!”
We hope to get comments from every child about their experiences this week and we will post it when we get back to school.
At the moment we are having a rest in the accommodation before tea. After our meal, we hope to have a campfire however, there might be a problem! We might not have enough dry wood after all the rain.
Let’s see what tonight brings!











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Photography Masterclass

Posted by abigailfy6 on July 4, 2012

Jennifer and I went to Fleetwood libary to take part in a photography masterclass. It was really fun. We learned about composition and light changes in different rooms. We used our own digital cameras to look at the light settings.

There was a boy called Milan who kept answering questions about colours and he was very enthusiastic. We found out about the colours in photos which have different names – for example purple is called magenta and turquoise is called cyan. We also had to put the 10 most important photo features in order.

Then we learned that most photos aren’t actually taken with the  main object in the middle, its normally in the left and right thirds. Soon after we had a tour around Fleetwood libary showing lots of art that has been published. Robert Stead gave us some homework to do for next week. We all have to take two photos to do with the Olympics or another subject if we want.

If you have a good piece of art work and you want to show it off just take it to the libaryand ask a member of staff to put it up. We had a great time. We are really looking forward to next weeks session.

                                                                                                                   Abie and Jennifer

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Year 5 visit to Lancaster University

Posted by wbabcock on June 22, 2012

On arrival at the university we walked to the lecture theatre through the grounds . Five students from the university introduced themselves and told us about life on campus.Then we played a game about chickens and eggs in groups of six, it was awsome!  After that one class went to the Ruskin libray which was as big as  Asda! We saw a book that was over five hundred years old! Then we had a tour all around the library, we went through the quiet zone and saw portraits of chancellors.

After lunch we finished the chicken game by building different structures to catch an egg.  The egg smashed on the first two teams and the last one was lucky and survived.  We then walked around the university to another lecture theatre where we wrote a story about a bridge. At the end we were given a note pad and pen as well as a certificate. All day there was a photographer watching everything we did.

The trip was amazing by Courteney, Lucy and Kyle 5wb.

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Visit to Pocket Park

Posted by mr barnes on June 19, 2012

My visit to Pocket Park

Tuesday 18th June

When Kyle and I went to Pocket Park  we planted lots of flowers and bulbs -  it was FANTASTIC!  We either  planted a half grown flower, a full grown flower or a bulb


It was organised by the Rotary Club.  There were representatives from other primary schools in the area.

Lots of passerbys stopped to watch.

Now the park looks very colourful.

Many thanks to Mrs Rawlinson who took us – her hands were the muddiest I have ever seen!

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EURO 2012

Posted by mr barnes on June 10, 2012

Write a match report off Purple Mash, tell us by adding a comment and we will publish them .

A prize for the winning match report.

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